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Homepage Realty Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Homepage Realty Celebrates New Office Space in St. Matthews

Louisville, KY: Starting November 19, local real estate company Homepage Realty will be moving into its new office space located in the heart of Saint Matthews. Homepage has renovated an office space at 4050 Westport Rd. next to the Trinity High School football field. The new location will put Homepage Realty near one of the hottest regions of Louisville.

This updated space will be the base of operations for Homepage’s Realtors who use bleeding edge technology to help sell homes in the Louisville area. According to owner George Barrett, “Homepage’s designated office will be a one- stop shop for all our agents, including continued training, client-agent meeting spaces, and all the resources available to help provide the best services possible.”

Homepage Realty will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 19 from 5-7 PM at the Westport Rd. location. The Saint Matthews Chamber of Commerce will be in attendance to celebrate the opening of the office space.

George Barrett, Carrie King, and Jeff Duncan of Homepage Realty invite you to attend our ribbon cutting and open house event. Meet our realtors, tour the new facility, and enjoy provided food and drink during that time.

For more information, find Homepage Realty on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere internet access is available.

About Homepage Realty: Homepage Realty represents the region's finest realtors utilizing the most innovative technologies currently available. They are the only local real estate company to have home improvement shows on YouTube, as well as maximum coverage on every social media outlet. Homepage Realty prides itself on offering...

The Newest 'Flipping with George' in St. Matthews

We are done with all the mechanicals over at 3618 Dayton Avenue.  This Project is really starting to pick up pace.  New windows for the the project are going in as well as dry wall and tile.  George is so excited about this flip that he can't wait to list it.


Top 7 Promotional Tools

Top 7 Promotional Tools for Realtors Nationwide

Social Media graphic

Louisville home sales have remained on pace with last year, hit highs throughout the busy summer season and the median home value ticked upward in many areas. But, like the weather, historically September begins a cooling off period in the Louisville real estate market.

Now is the time to start ramping up your marketing so that you can keep a steady flow of buyers and sellers during the slow down. Whether you focus on selling shotgun houses in Germantown or specialize in helping buyers purchase new homes in Fern Creek, these 7 promotional tools for Realtors will help you generate business when demand dips.

Social Media

The power of social media has become undeniable. It can be used for everything from marketing your real estate services on Facebook to touting your resume on LinkedIn to showcasing homes on Instagram. And don’t forget about Pinterest. Countless hopeful buyers create boards while looking for their dream home. The best part is social media accounts are free and expand your searchability. Even the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors has jumped on board the social media bandwagon with Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Hyperlapse App

Pictures, and now videos, are a big draw for buyers that are shopping around online for a home. The free Hyperlapse app can help you take high quality videos using just your smart phone, making it easy to add stunning clips to your...

Solar Power In Louisville

Solar Power in Louisville KY. You Have Options!

Photo of solar panels on roof of house
Every day solar power becomes cheaper and more accessible for homeowners in Louisville, Kentucky.

Solar technology is taking off in Louisville and elsewhere. There are multiple reasons. To start, many hold concerns about the use of fossil fuels. Not only is extracting fossil fuels difficult and dangerous, it harms the environment. Burning the fuels themselves pollutes the air and causes global warming.

Even if fossil fuels were utterly harmless, they are both finite and irreplaceable. For that reason alone, we need alternatives. One such alternative, solar power, is looking very promising.

In the fall of 2014, Vishah Shah, Deutsche Bank’s top solar industry analyst, predicted that rooftop solar power would reach grid parity in all 50 states by 2016. That means electricity produced by solar power will cost the same as electricity produced by fossil fuels.

It turns out, solar power has already reached grid parity in over 10 states.

Paying for a solar array

While solar arrays are still expensive, their cost has been decreasing. Depending on their size, they can cost anywhere between $15,000 and $40,000.

There are a variety of financial incentives in the form of tax credits, rebates and grants that help people pay for their arrays. The federal government,...

Louisville the city of Houses

How the single-family house evolved over the past 400 years, all in one handy chart

Louisville is a city of houses. More than any other type of building, houses dominate the built landscape of the city. We’re fortunate to have a wide-ranging variety of house styles across the city, from the ubiquitous shotgun house to the ornate Victorian mansion to the Arts & Crafts bungalow, there’s plenty of variation.


This chart by designers at Pop Chart Lab chronicles all those housing types and their variants in one neat diagram, showing how America’s housing stock evolved through the years. According to the designers:

From 17th century Postmedieval English abodes to 19th century Tudors all the way through the “McMansions” of the 1990s, this detailed diagram of hand-illustrated domiciles brings together 121 American houses in all, sorted into...

Foxhollow Farm final Sunset Concert Series on September 11th sponsored by HomePage Realty!

Check out George Barrett as he and Maggie Keith give a sneak peak to the Foxhollow Farm final Sunset Concert Series on September 11th sponsored by HOMEPAGE REALTY! See you there!


New Modern Streetcar Line

Get involved with bringing a modern streetcar line to Louisville at An Old Way Forward’s Happy Hour

A streetcar in Portland, Oregon. (Adams Carroll / Flickr)

As many readers of Broken Sidewalk know, public transportation—or the lack thereof—is one of the most important issues in Louisville today. “An Old Way Forward,” the idea to build a north-south modern streetcar line connecting Downtown Louisville, the University of Louisville, and Iroquois Park, has been proposed to shake up the transportation conversation and help move the city into the 21st century.

An Old Way Forward Streetcar Happy Hour
Monday, August 17th at 7:00p.m.
Downtown BBC at 3rd and Main


Homearama - Stonecroft Homes Testimonials

Did you miss Homearama 2015?  Check out the amazing finished product by Stonecroft Homes and David Lutes!!!


Foxhollow Farms Sunset Concert Series

Things are heating up with the Sunset Concert Series! August 14th put on your dancing shoes for Small Time Napoleon with guests Nellie Pearl. Please Don't FORGET Sep 11: HomePage Realty Concert – Exciting Details Coming Soon!!!


Here’s the ambitious plan to convert Germantown’s enormous Bradford Mills complex into apartments

That other enormous textile mill in Germantown will soon be transformed into 150 loft-style apartments thanks to a partnership of the Marian Development Group, lawyer Ashley Blacketer, and investor Chad Middendorf. Just a few blocks from Underhill Associates’ extensive transformation of the Germantown Mill Lofts, the historic Bradford Textile Mill will include “true Class A amenities” such as a pool, a full gym, and community rooms, Justin Brown, partner at the Marian Development Group, told Broken Sidewalk.

The concrete addition to the Bradford Mill complex viewed from Oak Street. (Courtesy Wikipedia)
The concrete addition to the Bradford Mill complex viewed from Oak Street. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Located at 1034 East Oak Street at Reutlinger Avenue, the Bradford Mills–Boyd Moving properties comprise two buildings connected by a bridge. Brown said the older brick building on the corner featuring a dominating Mission/Spanish Revival stair tower was built in at the turn of the century and lends itself to one-bedroom units while a concrete addition dating to 1924 lays out perfectly for two-bedroom units.

“Our background is in historic renovation,” Brown said. “We have had a lot of experience...

Least Desirable home Features

Least Desirable Home Features for 2015

We’ve been covering trends in residential real estate and interior design for many years here at HomePage Realty Blog. What’s important to you is important to us!

Certainly, they’ll come up during our Homearama coverage. But you can also learn about them from time to time when addressing home sales volume and speed.

What we’ve never talked about is what people don’t want in their new Louisville home. But that’s our job today!

This MarketWatch piece pulled data from National Association of Home Builders surveys. I thought it’d be interesting to highlight what once was hip and trendy, but is now yesterday’s news and headed for the trash heap.

Without further ado, here the Top 10 least desirable home features for 2015.

#10: Carpet on Main Level

Least desirable home features: Carpet on main level
Maybe this photo is unfair but it really conveys the message, doesn’t it? Carpet, especially longer shag carpet or overly bold colors, is not something people want on their home’s primary level.

#9: Whirlpool Tub in Master Bath

Least desirable home features: Whirlpool tub in Master bath...

Affordability city? Louisville rental rates and housing prices climbing but well below national averages

Affordability city? Louisville rental rates and housing prices climbing but well below national averages

During the 2010 census, Louisville was ranked as the 28th most populous city in the United States. That’s not surprising, considering locals get unrestricted access to some of the finest bourbon, the annual Kentucky Derby festivities, and delicious Southern food. But while there are plenty of draws that attract people to Louisville, how does real estate rank among them? What does it cost to rent or own a home in Louisville?

Those are big questions for anyone considering changing residences within the city or relocating to Louisville. House and apartment prices are likely one of the most important considerations, and the city’s cost-of-living calculation is significantly impacted by housing prices.

To help understand where the city has been, where it’s going, and how it compares to the nation at large, we dug into the data behind Louisville’s housing stock, breaking those findings down into the core city (roughly the old city limits), the metro area, and the national average for home prices and apartment rates.

Home Values

Home values in Louisville are on the rise across the board—as they are nationally—but the price for a home varies immensely. In central Louisville, the median home value is currently $95,000 and forecasted to rise 3.8 percent throughout the next year.

Predictably, the range of home values is quite large between the different urban neighborhoods in Louisville. At the extremes, the neighborhood of Park Duvalle has a median home value of $48,400 while in the ...

Exclusive Inside Look at House #10 at Homearama 2015 Louisville, Ky

Stonecroft Homes and HomePage Realty have partnered up to make a cutting edge Real Estate team. With Stonecroft's elite home building and HomePage's innovative marketing, these two companies will be a main stay in luxury home sales and renovations. This video features Stonecroft latest Homearama masterpiece. You can view this home in this year's Homearama in Stone Lake Farm, Louisville Ky.

Real Estate properties in the Louisville Market are going fast. See where and how to get the best for you money!!!

Where to Get the Most for Your Money in Louisville Real Estate

Louisville skyline

Where to Get the Most for Your Money in Louisville Real Estate

Homebuyers usually spend less than an hour viewing a house before deciding to place an offer on the property. That’s not a lot of time to determine if the house, location and investment are the best bang for their buck. For homeowners who want the best possible investment for their money, it’s important to begin with targeted research. By searching in neighborhoods with rising home values, you can increase your chances of picking a favorable investment before you even have your first viewing. Then, you can focus on the actual houses you’re looking at and not market trends.

If you’re looking for real estate in Louisville, and want the best investment for your money, start with these three neighborhoods.



BelknapThe neighborhood of Belknap is situated just over three miles east of downtown in an upscale community known as the Highlands. Unsurprisingly, home values in Belknap are significantly higher than the median home value in Louisville...

Before Home Party!!!

HomePage Realty and I will be hosting a "Before Party" open house this Sunday from 1-4pm at my latest St Matthews Flip Project. The address is 3618 Dayton Ave Louisville Ky 40207. We will have a cook-out with hot dogs, hamburgers, subs, soft drinks, wine, beer, and of course cookies! We want your feedback and ideas for finishes.
We will be revealing our future floor plan and introducing ourselves to the neighbors, buyers, sellers, investors, and anyone who is curious about St Matthews real estate. See you guys there!!!


Brown-Forman, developers vow to rebuild Whiskey Row after devastating fire

The city of Louisville collectively held its breath Monday afternoon and into the night as more than 80 firefighters battled to extinguish a major three-alarm fire on Whiskey Row. Despite a partial collapse of one of the building’s party walls into a parking lot, the West Main Street structures made it through the blaze—and thankfully no one was injured in the process.

These buildings, dating as far back as the Civil War era, have been part of a long preservation battle, with multiple demolition threats mounted over the years. A development team consisting of Craig Greenberg, Valle Jones, and Brown-Forman Corporation stepped in to save them at great expense, marking a high-profile preservation victory for the city. Before this week’s fire, the group had already stabilized several structures and shored up facades where the structural integrity was lost.

Development plans include a major bourbon distillery for Brown Forman’s Old Forester brand in two of the buildings at 117–119 West Main Street and a mix of restaurants, retail, and offices in three more structures at 111–115 West Main Street. Construction had just begun on the project—crews were on site the day before the fire, according to several news reports—and the distillery was scheduled to get underway this summer.

“[Monday’s] fire at 111 Main Street on Whiskey Row was an unfortunate setback for the revitalization of West Main Street, but it will not stop our group’s efforts to preserve and restore this historic block,” development partner Craig Greenberg said in a statement on Tuesday. “We are very...

Check out how the Housing Market is doing Half Way Through 2015

Louisville Home Sales Charts through June 2015

Posted by Tre Pryor, Editor-in-Chief in Louisville Market Watch tagged with

Welcome to our Louisville Home Sales Charts through June 2015. Home sales were relatively on par with the previous year, all except for Area 8 which decided to spurt higher.

Home values are also improving, as expected, while we move into the Summer. The biggest gain coming in North Oldham which saw the median home sale price for April spike to $400,000.

Louisville Home Sales Charts (period ending June 2015)

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 2 in Louisville KY

June home sales picked up the slack from May but at the cost of home prices dipping ever so slightly.

Chart: Louisville Real Estate Report for Area 3 in Louisville KY...

Looking to Add Value to Your Home?

Today’s Best 7 Home Value Hacks

In today’s real estate market, it really pays to stay ahead of the game. Make smart choices. Knowing what to improve can make your home out stand out.

With that in mind, I’ve uncovered the Top 7 Home Value Hacks that you may or may not know about. One thing is for sure, each one more than pay for itself when you’re selling your Louisville home. Home improvement has never been this savvy.

1. Declutter

Home Value Hacks: Declutter
The reason why every Realtor says “Declutter” is because it works!

Did you know that when you remove extra “stuff” from your home you are actually adding value? It’s been estimated to be worth as much as $4000!

Wow… can you say, less is more? I knew you could.

Whether you hire a professional cleaning service or home staging company, the money you spend will be more than made up by the higher sale value.

2. Landscaping

Home Value Hacks: Landscaping
When your home looks this good on the outside, buyers can’t wait to get inside!

Nothing beats a great first impression. This is most certainly the must-have hack for any cost conscious home seller.


New Waterfront Plans

Louisville’s planned Waterfront Botanical Gardens takes a step forward with land deal

(Courtesy Botanica)

The remains of the Point, a riverfront neighborhood that disappeared after the 1937 flood, lies buried beneath some 20 feet of soil at the old Ohio Street dump. Today located on the corner of River Road and Frankfort Avenue, that 23-acre dump is overgrown with brush, grasses, and even trees. Soon, however, this forgotten corner of the city will blossom into the Waterfront Botanical Gardens, thanks to an agreement between Metro Louisville and Botanica, the group behind the gardens project, to eventually sell the land for one dollar.

The Ohio Street dump site. (Courtesy Botanica)

“By agreeing to sell us the property for $1.00, Metro Government is making a major leadership gift to the garden project,” Botanica wrote on its website. “This asset is a significant investment by Metro in the economic revitalization of the area. It gives us strong footing to launch...

Is your home inside or outside the Watterson

Our fascination with numbers can lead to some very interesting conversations about the state of Louisville’s real estate market.  For instance, this past month, someone in the office asked which area we thought sold better, urban homes inside the Watterson, or the more suburban areas outside of our expressway system.

Convinced this was a no-brainer, we piped up with an opinion, but before we had actually dug through the numbers to prove our case.  Before you read any further, ask yourself, if we were to look at four “urban” zip codes, and compared them to another set of four that were further east, let’s say “suburban”, which set of sold homes would you expect to get closer to their asking price? As any seasoned Louisville Realtor® will attest, there are two distinct groups of buyers in town – those who will happily live outside the Watterson and those who break into a light sweat when they venture outside the borderlands of I-264.

Sales Price to List Price by Zip Code

Back to the “urban” vs. “suburban” zip codes. That scenario is exactly what we graphed above.  Using 40204, 40205, 40206 and 40207 as the urban set, we compared the ratio of sold prices to listing prices (SP/LP%) of these homes along with a suburban set comprised of zip codes 40222, 40223, 40245 and 40059.

We fully expected this to be a pretty graph and plot out very quickly with one group clearly outperforming another.  And yet…

Unless you predicted that there would be no pattern at all, we think it would be fair to say that there doesn’t appear to be a relationship at all between where a home is located in relationship to the...